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Tilting system for high speed trains TGV and NeiTech.


The analyzed structures are the support frames for the hydraulic components of tilting system of high speed trains TGV and NeiTech newly introduced in France, German and Poland to speed up connections on conventional lines. The active tilting system has already been used in the Pendolino train ETR 460 and 470 used in Italy and Switzerland. The bogies contain all components of the system which tilts the carbody in curves up to 8 degrees, allowing higher speed and better comfort.

The frame, composed by beams of various sections and with different orientations, is suspended under the car by means of four or six anti vibration mounts.

The heavy components (accumulator, motor pumps, tank, valves, filter, heat exchanger) were idealized as rigid or flexible elements connected to the support points. The fatigue analysis is performed for service accelerations in longitudinal and lateral direction while the limit static acceleration condition includes the stopping up case.