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esys snc was formed in 1985 as a consulting firm for mechanical and aerospace industry. Fields of interest span from structural engineering to software development for scientific and finite element analysis programs. As regards the consulting activity of structural analysis Tesys adopted ANSYS, but other F.E. codes were used as well (NASTRAN, MARC, ASKA).


The founding member of the company is Dr. Mario Dessì who completed his doctorate in mechanical engineering at the University of Cagliari in 1977. Dr. Dessì commenced his FEA life working for a leading firm in aerospace and defense.


Some of projects completed by Tesys include structural and acoustic analyses of solid propellant boosters of Ariane 5 launcher, analyses of MAGE apogee solid rocket motors, propulsion structures and components of Italsat, Sax and Tethered satellites, flexible joints for movable nozzles, actuation systems and components used in commercial and defense aircrafts.

















A brief summary of the most significant projects is given in the following. Most of them were performed using ANSYS Finite Element Program.


For reason of discretion the pictures presented here were bereaved of some details and have only a decorative function.



·     Dynamic analysis of MAGE 1 nozzle.

·     Enhancements to APSA F.E. code.

·     Italsat, Sax and Tethered Satellite System static and dynamic analyses.

·     Acoustic analysis of Ariane 5 Solid propellant boosters.

·    Revision of programs for thermal response, ablation and thermochemical equilibrium of charring materials.

·     Structural analyses of the filling equipment of Ariane 5 solid propellant boosters.

·     Hydraulic actuator buckling analysis.

·     Crusher for carbon anodes.

·     Boitiers d'électrovanne du système de commande de l'EPC Vulcain Ariane 5.

·     Anti-ice system - Pressure reducing and shut-off valve.

·     Starter air valve stress analysis.

·     Stress and strain analysis of a flexible joint for a rocket nozzle.

·     Aluminum electrolysis cell.

·     Flexures large deflection analysis.

·     Flap control systems of Cessna Citation X, Learjet 45 and Dash-8.

·     Structural analysis of cold plates for aerospace application.

·     Blade fold rotary actuator for the maritime version of the EH-101 helicopter.

·     Honeycomb plates for the Sikorsky helicopter S-92.

·     Water Pump Assembly for the International Space Station.

·     Structural analysis of a 7000-ton press.

·     Elasto-plastic and fatigue analysis of a oil/air heat exchanger.

·     Tilting system for high speed trains TGV and NeiTech.

·     Cryogenic heat exchanger and fracture mechanics.

·     Rotary actuator for Yak/AEM-130 aircraft. 

·     NH90 Main Gear Box fan oil cooling system. 

·     Parametric procedure for 3D structural modeling of electrolysis cells. 

·     Thermal analysis of an anti-ice system. 

·     Gearbox of the Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator for the Airbus A380. 



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